Contact Info:
Supreme Task International
P O Box 490245
Lawrenceville, GA 30049
tel: 678-377-0179



General Information

  • Is serving humanity by caring for the underserved, victims of disaster and children in need of education.
  • Endeavors to share the love of Christ in Asia.
  • Is working among people throughout India.
  • Is a religious non-governmental organization (NGO) and is therefore not involved in politics or controversies of any kind.
  • Does not believe in the idea of forced conversions.

Supreme Task International Believes:

  • All are created by God.
  • That religious discrimination is wrong.
  • That rich nations should not exploit the poor.
  • That God's love is revealed in Jesus Christ, and His followers are asked to also love their neighbors as themselves. This compels us to serve by both word and deed.
  • That all forms of religious fanaticism that cause damage for others is wrong; men, women and children have a God-given freedom to choose what to believe and what not to believe.
  • That it is wrong to do anything that diminishes the dignity of human beings regardless of background. We support human dignity.
  • That all governments are ordained; we must pray for all rulers and their families--for blessings upon them and the nations they serve.
  • That the Word of God is the final authority for our faith and conduct.
  • In the absolute infallibility of the Scriptures and the uniqueness of Christ.

What Supreme Task International Does:

  • Involved in education.
  • Involved in ministering to lepers.
  • Involved in crisis help.
  • Involved in providing medical care.
  • Involved in literature distribution in various languages for character development and an understanding of Jesus Christ.
  • Supreme Task International is not legally part of any organization outside of the U.S. We are exclusively an American Incorporated non-governmental organization (NGO).